Saturday, May 12, 2012

Raw Promise Foods & Pounds For Hunger

It is interesting to note that every three seconds somewhere around
the world a child dies from starvation or dehydration. Yet, the
money we spend annually in America on weight loss alone is twice
the amount of money needed to feed the world’s hungry each year.

With the exciting pre-launch of the Raw Promise program, ForeverGreen International has chosen to take a stand by helping the world’s hungry by partnering with the Happy Children Foundation! ForeverGreen will donate 25 meals to hungry children and adults alike for every 100 pounds lost in conjunction with the powerful Raw Promise Foods program.

All meal replacement bars are freshly made with ForeverGreen’s finest ingredients and sent to selected Happy Children food partners.

Individuals on the program can simply email their weight loss results with a before and after picture to 

The Happy Children Foundation is a non-profit organization reaching out to children worldwide. Whether it is nutrition, music and creative art programs, education, or immediate health requirements, the Happy Children Foundation is there.

“We are committed to the overall well being of kids, teens and young adults who deserve to be happy! It is essential as a human race we create each generation of children and youth to feel supported, healthy, creative, free from worry, expressive in their unique talents, given permission to truly be themselves, without distress or lack. Regardless of their origin, social position, race, religion, or condition, we are tirelessly engaged in solutions.” ---Ron Williams