Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Road to Recovery

The first time I heard those words were nearly 23 years ago. Believe it or not, I couldn't stand the sound of it either!

Back then I was a 15 year old crazy, adolescent, juvenile delinquent! Oh yeah.....I also believed I had all the answers in life, and that I wasn't doing anything wrong at all. Everyone else was crazy! Needless to say, the life I was living sent me on a downward spiral faster than I could prepare for. What the hell I thought? I was just trying to have fun! Well, that fun quickly ended me up in juvenile detention and shortly after on my way to my first rehab program. 

That was the first time I heard that I had a disease and that I wouldn't be able to drink or drug again. What? Now, as you could imagine this was not something I was willing to accept at the age of 15. So consequently after fighting it for 30 days, I was recommended for further treatment in a six month long program out of state in a halfway house.

I can still hear my mother's words, "When are you going to quit bucking the system?" Well, after a brief encounter with living life clean and sober (Okay DRY), I noticed I didn't seem to have all the  problems I did before and even got along with people outside my  crazy old friends. So why was this only brief? Well, there is really no excuse other than the fact I just wasn't ready yet!

We all have to hit a certain bottom in life to finally make up our minds that were DONE! Unfortunately for me that time didn't come for another 18 years. Now not all of that time was a complete disaster. I was blessed with two sons who are now my life today! I was on a mission though to try and prove everybody wrong and come across like I had it all together. I didn't fool very many!

Four years ago my whole world came crumbling down and it became a matter of life or death for me. So, to bring you up to this point in my life and the reason for me writing this today. I was tired of dying a slow painful death, and knew that I should've been dead many of times before, but I had finally made up my mind that was it, and I was ready to really start living! 

So, the Road to Recovery for me is a way of life today! No, I still don't have it all together but I strive each day to not be the person I was. One of the old sayings we use to tell our buddies who were getting out of jail was "Do the right thing Man!" I said that to a lot of guys getting out way before me, and one day it dawned on me.......What if were not exactly sure what the right thing is?

I thought about that for a minute and that's when I knew it had to be a matter of......If you're not sure what the next right thing to do is, you sure as hell know what's wrong, so avoid that, and you'll be doing what's right! That's pretty much how I try to live today.

You might be thinking by now, what does this have to do with Hemp Therapy? Well, for me it's everything! Hemp Therapy and this business keeps me focused on living in the SOLUTION! I have to be able to help other people with their needs and show them there is HOPE! I had to be able to take a risk despite my past experiences, and try something completely new to me. If you've read any of my earlier posts, then you already understand Hemp is indeed therapeutic and it's great for human consumption and our bodies as well as our planet!

When I discovered all it's many benefit's and saw how it was changing people's lives, I knew I wanted to be a part of that. You'll hear me say the word SOLUTION quite a bit and often capitalized, because I know without a doubt, if I'm not living in the SOLUTION, then I'm stuck living in the problem all over again. That is not where I choose to be today, and my hope is that others won't either.

Whatever your SOLUTION may be, or whatever you find it in, hold your head up, tell your story, and give someone else HOPE! We may not be able to control the world economy and it's practices, but what I've found with Versativa and Hemp Therapy is we can create and control our own!


  1. oh Chris! Do you have any idea how many people trapped in this merry-go-round will benefit from this story? People are usually so confident to share stories of other diseases without the stigma attached...I believe in you, your journey,the reasons for it and what will grow from it...Funny,but no-one will really think of helping the addict at rock bottom, except a clean addict or someone who has had to love an addict...
    Im showing my son this article...Thankyou <3

  2. It is so hard to admit when you have struggled and hit bottom and that you have learned something about yourself along the way. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Well Thank You Very Much! I appreciate the support!

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    1. Well Thank You Nadeem! I'm glad you enjoy. I'm always open to suggestions for providing certain info. and answering any questions. Thanks again for being here!