Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take A Stand For Humanity

Join Us In Taking A Stand For Humanity And Ending Hunger In America In Our Lifetime!

What Is My Stand For Humanity?

Join A Growing Community Of Leaders From All Over The World
Who Are Taking A Stand To End Hunger… Starting Right In Your Own Backyard.

In the United States, more than one out of six children do not know where they'll find their next meal. For many Americans, hunger is a DAILY reality. Hunger is not confined to small pockets of society, certain areas of the country, or certain neighborhoods in your community, the reality is much different.
Today, millions of children are living in poverty and struggling with hunger all over America. Food pantries are finding their cupboards empty before the end of the month and lack food to even supply most modest amount of life sustaining food to those who need it most every month.
When you choose a Happy Children Pack from ForeverGreen you are taking A Stand for Humanity and helping feed children in desperate situations right here in America!

It’s Simple To Make A Difference….

1. Choose The Happy Children Pack that honors your commitment to feeding the hungry.
2. Choose whether you want to pay now or month by month.

Happy Children Packs are provided by ForeverGreen and include health education and raw, organic and clean whole food nutrition meal bars loaded with nuts, seeds, tubors and fruit. They are a complete meal and complete nutrition for the body – protein, fiber and good fats.

Imagine if we could make a difference by feeding hungry children and have an opportunity to raise money for an organization of our choice? Our Schools, Churches, or whatever we want! Now I always thought about this sort of thing, and figured it was a good idea, but honestly I'm ashamed to say......
I guess I was just too lazy to take action! So, I decided it's time to take a Stand, and I'm looking for people who want to partner up and help make a difference! Let me know if you're interested, and let's begin giving and at the same time help an organization of your choice!

To see a little more of exactly who and what's behind this, and to check out some amazing video's, please visit this link below.

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