Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hemp Therapy Holiday Specials

We are pleased to announce that the wait is over....
Holiday Specials are available now for a limited time only!

This season give the gift of health to those you love with these great holiday specials. We have everything from Hemp Snacks, to your favorite holiday Essential Oils, to packs made to pamper yourself. See below for the specifics of each pack and order your holiday packs today!

24 Karat Chocolate Hemp Pulse Bars

Available in Hemp/Blueberry, Hemp/Raspberry and Hemp/Cherry!

$35.95 - Direct
$40.95 - Wholesale
$44.95 - Retail

Holiday Hemp Party Pack
1 Hemp Harvest Mix, 1 Hemp Parched Pulse, 1 Hemp Go Nuts for Chocolate, 1 box 24 Karat Chocolate Fondue.

$49.95 - Direct
$57.95 - Wholesale
$62.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $102.80!

Spiced Hot Chocolate Pack
1 box 24 Karat Chocolate Fondue, 1 Spearmint Oil, 1 Cinnamon Bark Oil, 1 Orange Oil, 1 Clove Bud Oil.

$49.95 - Direct
$57.95 - Wholesale
$62.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $112.75!

Great Starts R&D Hemp Cereals Pack

1 Hemp Almond Raisin Cereal, 1 Hemp Apple Cinnamon Cereal, 1 Hemp Berry Blast Cereal.

$29.95 - Direct
$34.95 - Wholesale
$37.95 - Retail

Seasonal Preparation Pack
2 ImmunEyes, 2 Hemp Protect, 1 Hemp Touch, 1 White Dragon.

$74.95 - Direct
$85.95 - Wholesale
$93.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $126.80!

Holiday Memories Pack
1 Black Spruce Oil, 1 Balsam Fir Oil, 1 Orange Oil, 1 Scotch Pine Oil, 1 Clove Bud Oil, 1 Cinnamon Bark Oil.

$69.95 - Direct
$80.95 - Wholesale
$87.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $128.70!

Dragons Pack
1 White Dragon, 1 Red Dragon, 1 Green Dragon, 1 Black Dragon, 1 Yellow Dragon, 1 Rainmaker.

$69.00 - Direct
$80.95 - Wholesale
$87.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $141.70!

Treat Your Body Pack
1 Dead Sea Salts, 1 Balance, 1 Quench, 1 Citrus Flower Shampoo, 1 Citrus Flower Conditioner, 1 Citrus Flower Body Scrub, 1 Mint Flower Body Wash, 1 Chamomile Oil, 1 Pink Grapefruit Oil.

$99.95 - Direct
$114.95 - Wholesale
$124.95 - Retail

Retail Value of $212.55!

We also have the Pumpkin Hemp Spice BarsChocolate Pumpkin Hemp Spice Bars and the Orange Chocolate!

Please note that all of the Holiday Specials are only available for US/CAN markets and while supplies last.

To order these specials, use this link HERE.  

Choose "Shop" to order Retail, or "Signup" to become a Preferred Customer or Distributor for even bigger discounts!

You'll see the Holiday Specials on the left of the main screen. Hope you enjoy and we wish you all a wonderful Holiday season!




  1. Let's make hemp legal so we can have this in the US - add your voice to the petition to the White House - already got great support from people like Cynthia McKinney - it's at
    Also check out her brother's site:

  2. That site rocks - Mina is gonna make a real difference in the hemp world - we gotta get on that petition to Obama - and the other site rocks too, lots of hemp activism there. I'd love to see some journalists cover this story!