Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Back Dad!

As I sit here and write this I can't help but smile!

In some of my earlier posts I've talked briefly about my 63 yr. old father whose been struggling over the last year or so with diabetes, severe psoriosis and auto-immune disorder.

Now I should tell you that my father and I haven't always been that close. You see.....I was a real ass for a kid, and I went on into adult hood pretty much the same. Matter of fact it wasn't until I reached my early thirties that I made some pretty serious changes in my life, and began to realize that I owed my father a great deal!

It was at that time that our relationship really began to turn around. In April of 2009 we both set out on a business together, and our mission was to help people and be apart of a solution. We spent two and a half years trying all sorts of things, making mistakes, arguing back and forth about who was right and who was wrong.

Gotta love it! I laugh now, but at the time we were two stubborn bull heads who thought we knew it all. But through it all we never let it damage our relationship, and it only made us stronger!
It was the summer of 2010 when all of the sudden my Dad's health started to slowly decline. I can remember thinking, c'mon......not now!

After all, we we're a team, partners, and I needed him. How selfish was that now that I look back! 

After several trips to see different doctors he was diagnosed with a severe case of psoriosis, and auto-immune disorder. He would have these outbreaks every other week or so, and it was affecting his hands and feet. Medication after medication wasn't fixing the problem. His hands and feet were raw and would crack and could never heal completely. The poor guy even started losing his nails. Man......this was hard to watch!

We take for granted everyday the things we can do with our hands and feet.....walking, opening cans and bottles, going places in public and having people wonder.....what's wrong with that guy?
I started to see what they were saying about our health is the most important thing. Well, this only continued to get worse, and my Dad was pretty much ready to give up.

Now, one thing I learned from being involved in Health & Wellness was that there are solutions out there, and sometimes we just have to search out on our own and never give up! It's sad to say, but too many doctors today would rather just keep writing prescriptions and give their patients false hope.

So a few months back I started doing my research every night when my boys would go to bed, and I was bound and determined to help him find a solution! I made the comment once that, as long as I was alive, I wasn't going to sit back and watch my Dad give up!

Well low and behold one night I came across something that has and will change us forever. I began to learn about the power of the Hemp seed along with Marine Phytoplankton and the importance of  organic raw whole foods. Now understand folks, it was only a few months back that none of these terms were ever a real part of my vocabulary. Today, I can't wait to tell people!

So to bring you up to now......I came across a dear woman named Becca a month back, and visited her website a few different times before I asked her what do I need to do to get my Dad some samples?

Becca responded......Chris, just email me your address and I'll get some off to you tomorrow. How easy was that?

A few days later they arrived, and I couldn't wait to get em' in my Dad's hands. Now, I'll let him tell you the rest!

Amen....Right? So that brings this story to an end for now, but my hope is that people will begin to realize that they no longer have to settle for not feeling good and thinking that this is just the way things are going to be.

A beautiful thing happens when we can start to live in a solution......the problem tends to get pushed out of the way! I hope my Dad's story is able to impact someone you care about, and I hope you can spend a few more minutes here learning about the power of Versativa and Inspirin. You just never know who you might be able to impact! 

Until next time....Take Care Everyone!

Lose the stress.....Ease the pain!

Make Health a Habit.....Not an Event.....Pleasurable!


  1. Chris....a public "THANK YOU" for finding Inspirin and finding Becca. Today I am so much better that it is still hard for me to believe it. I was getting ready to think about using a wheelchair for the rest of my life and now I am thinking about riding my bicycle again.....Dad.

  2. @Chris: Thanks for really pleased about your dad's progress and enjoyed seeing it for myself...i will be trying it for Autoimmune things too and am expecting similar fantastic results...
    keep us posted :)

  3. Chris & Dan ~ Thanks so much for sharing your story! It's so inspirational to know that there is something out there that is natural, AND raw!! I've tried the Inspirin and I can say it really IS as amazing as Dan is saying . . . and not just for physical pain! Inspirin does such a great job of just easing the stress of the day! I feel on top of the world!! Thanks. ~ Brian