Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hemp : A Complete Whole Food

HEMP is an ideal source of protein to support an Active Lifestyle and help you to live a Healthier life!
  • As a Food, Hemp can be used everyday for building muscle mass, muscle repair & recovery, helping weight loss or simply as a natural Supplement
  • High source of Protein with 47% Protein
  • Contains all 20 Amino Acids
  • Contains all 10 Essential Amino Acids
  • Naturally Rich in Omega 3 (with SDA)
  • Over 30% of the Daily Recommended Intake of Omega 3 per Serving
  • Good Fiber Content
  • Only 15% Carbohydrates in HEMP
  • Free from Gluten, Dairy, Lactose & Soya, GMO, Hexane
  • Free from Pesticides and Herbicides, Additives and Preservatives
  • 100% Plant Based Protein

Whole Food - Natural source of Protein & Omega 3's

Hemp is a unique plant based source of “complete protein” - containing all 20 amino acids, including the 10 essential amino acids, high dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Hemp as a crop is also beneficial to our environment and has many uses such as fuel, fiber, paper, seed, food, oil, etc.

Hemp also contains Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 6 to Omega 3 for the human body. These Essential Fatty Acids contribute towards general health, and specifically help circulation, the heart, hair and skin, joints and the immune system. Hemp does not contain the dioxins and toxins often found in oily fish, making it a unique source of the long chain fatty acids.
Hemp is a whole complete food - that is produced without pesticides and harvests in 90-120 days. 
So I guess the real question should be, Why not choose Hemp?

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