Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hemp History Week Celebration

The 3rd annual Hemp History Week begins June 4th - 10th 2012. Many different things come to mind when we start to think about the history of this amazing crop. 

What about the fact that Hemp products alone generate over $400 million is sales each year? With that being said, American farmers need our support now more than ever!
  • U.S. consumers are re-discovering the benefits of Hemp. In 2011, annual retail sales of hemp products was an estimated $419 million dollars.
  • While American farmers often net less than $50 per acre for soy and corn, Canadian farmers just across the border net an average of $200-400 per acre for hemp.
  • U.S. companies are producing popular and sustainable hemp foods, hemp body care products, hemp clothing, hemp paper and much more. These companies want to purchase U.S. grown hemp.
Hemp is considered by top leading researchers to be one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet!

Hemp seeds are nutrient-powerhouses containing:
  • All 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) that our bodies cannot produce.
  • A high protein percentage of the simple proteins that strengthen immunity and fend off toxins.
  • Eating hemp seeds in any form could aid, if not heal, people suffering from immune deficiency diseases. This conclusion is supported by the fact that hemp seed has been used to treat nutritional deficiencies brought on by tuberculosis, a severe nutrition blocking disease that causes the body to waste away.
  • Nature's highest botanical source of essential fatty acid, with more essential fatty acid than flax or any other nut or seed oil. 
  • A perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 Linolenic Acid - for cardiovascular health and general strengthening of the immune system.
  • A superior vegetarian source of protein considered easily digestible.
  • A rich source of phytonutrients, the disease-protective element of plants with benefits protecting your immunity, bloodstream, tissues, cells, skin, organs and mitochondria.
  • The richest known source of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.
What about our Earth?

I think most of us would agree..... Hemp is the ultimate cash crop, producing more fiber, food and oil than any other plant on this planet!

One an acre of Hemp produces:
  • 8,000 pounds of Hemp seed per acre.
  • When cold-pressed, the 8,000 pounds of hemp seed yield over 300 gallons of hemp seed oil and a byproduct of 6,000 pounds of high protein hemp flour.
  • These seed oils are both a food and a biodiesel fuel. Currently, the most productive seed oil crops are soybeans, sunflower seeds and rape seed or canola. Each of these three seed oil crops produce between 100 to 120 gallons of oil per acre. Hemp seed produces three times more oil per acre than the next most productive seed oil crops, or over 300 gallons per acre, with a byproduct of 3 tons of food per acre. Hemp seed oil is also far more nutritious and beneficial for our health than any other seed oil crop.
  • In addition to the food and oil produced, there are several other byproducts and benefits to the cultivation of Hemp.
  • Six to ten tons per acre of hemp bast fiber. Bast fiber makes canvas, rope, lace, linen, and ultra-thin specialty papers like cigarette and bible papers.
  • Twenty-five tons of hemp hurd fiber. Hemp hurd fiber makes all grades of paper, composite building materials, animal bedding and a material for the absorption of liquids and oils.
  • The deep tap root draws up sub-soil nutrients and then, when the leaves fall from the plant to the ground, they return these nutrients to the top soil for the next crop rotation.
  • The residual flowers, after the seeds are extracted, produce many valuable medicines.

Hemp has been considered to be the plant that started humans down the road toward civilization with the invention of agriculture itself. All archaeologists agree that Hemp was among the first crops purposely cultivated by human beings at least over 6,000 years ago, and maybe even more than 10,000 years ago.

It's no doubt that this "Miracle Plant" was given to mankind as a gift and was put on our planet for a reason!

When I discovered HEMP and all it's many benefit's and saw how it was changing people's lives, I knew I needed to be a part of that. I know for myself, if I'm not living in the SOLUTION, then I'm stuck living in the problem.

These are just a few examples of how Hemp will be of significant importance in our future and all of which happen to be positive to individuals and our society as a whole. 

Stay tuned all month as we will be highlighting different Hemp Therapy products, some fun facts, & here's a  sneak peak at a couple of our specials were running for all customers and future distributors!

Take Care Friends and talk to you soon!

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