Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hemp Seed: Necessary for Human Life!

Let's review some reasons why Hemp Seed is indeed Necessary for Human Life.

Essential fatty acids or (EFAs) are more important to the human body than vitamins, yet for some reason they get far less attention. Fatty acids provide the lipids that keep cells fluid and flexible. While some of these can be manufactured by the body, essential fatty acids cannot and must be consumed in foods. Hemp Seed happens to be an excellent source of EFAs.

By keeping cells naturally flexible, EFAs help to regulate all processes within the body, especially the brain which is composed largely of EFAs. Many studies have shown that a diet deficient in EFAs can result in poor brain development, faulty immune function, slow-healing wounds, cardiovascular abnormalities, susceptibility to arthritis, inflammatory disorders and thats just touching on some of the common everyday issues many are dealing with.

Used worldwide to treat malnutrition, one pound of hemp seeds can sustain a human life for two weeks. One tablespoon of hemp seeds provides the recommended daily allowance of essential fatty acids. Hemp plants are environmentally friendly, requiring no herbicides or pesticides to produce a crop of highly digestible nutrient-packed food.

So what about the Healing Properties of Essential Fatty Acids?

EFAs also are important for optimum brain function, improving mood, fighting depression and reducing behavior problems in children, and reversing the irritability of PMS. Essential Fatty Acids help the body’s immune system fight off bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including malaria. These good fats lower cholesterol and protect heart health. Eating hemp seeds over time heals and moisturizes skin, and reduces inflammation in the body. Most important of all to western consumers, the EFAs in hemp seeds have anti-cancer properties that inhibit tumor growth.

The human body needs a 3 or 4:1 balance of omega 6 over omega 3. Hemp seed is the only seed where this ideal balance occurs. It does not occur in flax, almond, walnut, soybean or olive oil. Daily use of flax seed can lead to dangerous imbalances since flax seed oil has a balance of 1:4 instead of a healthy 4:1 omega-6 over omega-3.

EFAs are involved with producing life's energy throughout the human body and without them, life is not possible, therefore this is why they are Essential. In general, North Americans have a high dietary deficiency in EFAs due to their high intake of processed foods and meats.

Here's the bottom line......maybe it's time we consider adding these wonderful seeds to our diets and know that they came from a plant that has been considered to be one of the first foods consumed by man. It's no doubt that it was put here on our earth for a reason and is indeed a "Miracle Plant!"

We hope this gives you a little better insight as to why eating Hemp Seeds or consuming foods containing Hemp Seeds can and will help you to live a healthier life.

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