Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hemp Therapy Introduces "The Hippie Chef"

One of the best things about this movement and being involved in the Hemp Business is all the great people it allows you to come in contact with.
Over the last year now, I've had the privilege of meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life who share the same passion as I do for this amazing plant we call Hemp.

One of those individuals happens to be a very cool guy by the name of Dan Collins.......also know as.....
"The Hippie Chef".
From the first time we came in contact a few months back, I knew Dan was someone who understood exactly what was going on here. I came to find out not only is he a HUGE Hemp Advocate, but he's also doing some amazing things with The Hippie Chef.

Part of his passion is to help educate people on the importance of our food today, along with sharing ideas & different recipes, becoming a certified nutritionist, and now running a successful Hemp Business that's impacting all the lives around him.

Back in 2005, Dan  was stricken by Graves Disease  ( an auto-immune disorder that leads to over activity of the thyroid gland), which makes it difficult to regulate mood, weight, mental and physical energy levels. He also had knee & joint pain from 2 surgeries caused by a motorcycle accident. 

Dan says......"Of course I hate the Vicodin and such, tears up my gut, so I also have the medicinal card, but with the Inspirin, I found it brought down the swelling and the popping when I would get up, and now I'm also much calmer which also helps with the restless leg syndrome at night. That was one of the main things that intrigued me the most about Versativa when I was doing my research on all the health benefits of Hemp."

So after a week or so, I asked The Hippie Chef if he had noticed any changes and was it what he had expected and hoped for?

"Besides feeling positive and happy Chris, my headaches are finally gone and I've lost 7 lbs from just adding these wonderful Raw Hemp Foods to my diet! I knew when I started with this journey, I would get all the GREAT Health & Wellness of it, but NEVER thought it would also add to my recipes. The Hemphoria....... just a couple of squirts, adds zing, flavor, and most of all HEMP to my families diet, and makes my food even taste BETTER!"

How cool is that? Only The Hippie Chef could figure out how to use the one and only Hemphoria is his awesome recipes! That reminds me......You won't want to miss out on The Hippie Chef's weekly radio show every Wed. at 7pm PST & 10pm EST.  You can catch him at TheHippieChef on BlogTalkRadio

If there's one thing Dan and I agree on, it's that when people begin to experience the benefits of adding Hemp Foods to their diet and having significant results, we then have a responsibility to share and pass on this solution that's been misled for way too long!

Besides being able to make a difference in people's lives, were also helping to make this movement even stronger one person at a time. The shear fact that the average person regardless of race, religion, or background can also run a successful Versativa Hemp Business like The Hippie Chef is appealing to many today. 

Be sure to stay connected to The Hippie Chef on Facebook and also Twitter for all the latest news and updates. We hope to be featuring you next time and sharing your story! Until next time, Take Care and Be Well Friends!


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