Wednesday, August 29, 2012

STOP World Hunger! Grow HEMP Damnit!

Hey.....sometimes there's certain issues in this world and things that need to be said that cannot be candy-coated! Hence the title.

With that being said, did you know the money spent today on diet ‘fads’ annually, could feed the world’s hungry.....TWICE! Our nation alone is spending millions to lose weight and curb hunger, while people in other countries are starving to death. As a human race, have we disrupted the natural balance of nature?

I'd say that's putting it mildly and even an understatement!

Consider this......Hemp grows so well in so many different areas of the world where there's suffering from malnutrition and impoverishment, such as third world countries, that it doesn't make any sense at all that places like this are starving.

If large scale Hemp agriculture was encouraged in these parts of the world, then farmers could begin to sell this amazing source of food for good prices on the international market, helping to significantly raise their standard of living. At the same time, the seed would provide farmers and their families with a superior high-quality food source.

No other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of hemp seeds. Both the complete protein and essential oils contained in hemp seeds are in ideal ratios for human nutrition.

For thousands of years Hemp has been a primary food source for people all over the world. Before it was banned in 1937, hemp actually saved both China and Australia from famine during food shortages. Today the United States is the largest importer of hemp in the world, yet we still cannot grow our own. 

This is just another example of how we cannot let up on the facts that are staring us right in the face, yet are continually being ignored.

I encourage you if you're not aware to please take a look at why hemp is indeed a superior food source that by all means has a HUGE potential to end world hunger!

If taking a stand for humanity and helping to end hunger here in America is something you would be passionate about, please.....take a quick look at how Versativa & Hemp Therapy are helping to supply Hemp-Based Foods to hungry children across the country and in many other parts of the world.

Until next time.....Take Care of yourselves and each other!


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